Rev. Denise Siemens is the Founder of Arise! Women where women are encouraged to walk in the destiny and call of God on their lives. Arise! hosts conferences and seminars for the purpose of encounter with God, and started a network Uplink Groups, that gather for the purpose of processing and discipleship. In 2016, Arise! launched ElevateHER®, an all-female equipping center. Denise is a builder, a prophetic minister, and a teacher who loves to bring joy to others. Denise lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her husband Dan.


In the vision, I was holding a gigantic, beautifully-wrapped present; I could hardly get my arms around it. It was wrapped with white satin and tied with multi-looped, light-blue ribbon. I was walking towards a house that was literally bouncing with light and music—a party was going on! As I got closer, I realized that there was no door to let me in. At that precise moment in the vision, the speaker at the conference, who of course had no knowledge of what I was seeing, said, “Release gifts!” I burst into tears because I realized that the gifts and talents that I had weren’t allowed in at the party.


God healed me that evening, and He has called Arise! Women to partner with Him to “release gifts” that are in every person, but specifically in women. 

What We're about

  • We host conferences and seminars for the purpose of encounter with God.

  • We disciple and equip women at ElevateHER®, an all-female equipping center.

  • We travel in the United States ministering at conferences, retreats, and seminars.

  • We provide a place for processing and building relationships with a network of Uplink Groups.

  • We travel internationally spreading the good news of the Love and power of God.

  • We host Encounter Rooms where individual prophetic prayer is given.