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Rev. Graham Cooke

Brillant Perspectives

I have known Denise, and husband Dan, since my early days of working with Lutheran Renewal at the start of the new millennium. Denise is an excellent leader, speaker, and organizer of exceptional events. She has a passion for the freedom of people in Christ and is an enthusiastic minister in the Holy Spirit. I enjoy working with the team at Arise! Women and would recommend them with no hesitation.
— Rev. Graham Cooke

Graham is a popular speaker and author. He has been involved in apostolic teams since 1981 and has cultivated a wide range of expertise in transitional development, corporate reinvention, and personal redefinition. He is a consultant to numerous churches, organizations and businesses. He is a mentor and wise counselor to those transitioning toward a higher dimension of personal and corporate life in the Spirit. Graham and his wife Theresa live in Santa Barbara, CA.


Christian Healing Ministries

I have been blessed to know and work with Denise Siemens for almost 10 years. Denise is a strong and gifted leader who has a heart for empowering women to be all that God created them to be. As a balanced and anointed ministry that is impacting the Kingdom of God on a global level, I am very pleased to endorse and recommend Arise! Women.
— Judith C. McNutt, M.A.

Christian Healing Ministries – a Christ-centered, ecumenical and non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer. Francis and Judith MacNutt are two of the most recognized and respected leaders in the healing ministry, and have traveled the world teaching about the love of Jesus Christ and the power and effectiveness of healing prayer.  As Director of Ministry and President of CHM, Judith oversees the organization, writes, teaches, and travels as a conference speaker. She and Francis live in Jacksonville, FL.


Rev. Mark Herringshaw, Ph. D.

Associate with GiANT Worldwide


One of the central principles of Jesus and his Kingdom is, ‘Go where God is active.’ The Holy Spirit is working in, with, and through Arise in this season, and it’s an honor to not only cheer them on, but to partner with their efforts.
— Rev. Mark Herringshaw, Ph. D.

Mark Herringshaw is a teacher and strategic leader who currently serves as  an organizational consultant with GiANT Worldwide. Prior to this, Mark was a pastor for twenty five years. He and his wife Jill live in St. Paul, Minnesota.