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...where women joyfully encounter all that God has for them in order to love, impact, and serve others.

Features Overview

ElevateHER® is for women who:

-Want to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit

-Desire to live an intentional life of influence and impact

-Long to deepen their understanding of God

-Are willing to take their next step of growth

-Are ready to discover and fulfill the assignments God has for them

-Aspire to grow in confidence in who they are in the Kingdom

-Seek community with like-minded women

-Are ready for a fresh awakening

I dreamed of an Equipping Center filled with joy, where no doors are locked, and “yes” is said more often than “no.” A place for both young and old to walk alongside each other to discover their full identity in Christ. And then I woke up and ElevateHER® was a reality.

We are building a community whose members hear the cry of God across the world—the cry that longs to see a people who are free to be who He’s created them to be; a people who walk out the Great Commission by taking time to disciple others; a people who will not be satisfied until every person is introduced to the love and truth of Jesus.

Can you hear it? God is calling women to take the dreams that have been hidden in their hearts—the ones that almost seemed to have vanished, and He’s turning those dreams into reality!

Now! Now is the time to awaken those dreams. Now is the time to walk in all that God has planned for you!



Women only. We’ve discovered that women learn well in small groups, and they enjoy processing things together.

Teaching by live presenters!

New paradigm of an expanded view of identity and your place in the Kingdom that will equip you to incarnate the life of Christ in every situation.

We schedule the time so that 50% is teaching and 50% is for processing, discussion, activations, personal ministy, and sharing.


Outreach, service, and ministry to reinforce what you’re learning on-site

Activations to heighten your sensitivity to God’s voice and His ways.

Some Topics:

   ♦   Understanding Your Assignment

   ♦   Authority in the Kingdom

   ♦   Personality, Natural & Spiritual Gifts: How They Influence Who you Are

   ♦   Identity Formation

   ♦   Prophecy in the Kingdom

   ♦   God’s Destiny for Women: from Genesis to Revelation

   ♦   Overcoming Opposition and Adversity

   ♦   Plus spiritual gifts, evangelism, healing, deliverance…


Individual Coaching

Each women will be giving the option of personal coaching by trained coaches. The coach will help you to engage in deliberate and intentional processing concerning the season in which they find themselves.

Our goal is to empower and release each woman to walk in her Kingdom assignment. That assignment may to equip the Body of Christ, and/or it may be to influence and impact her work place, home, community or nation.



  • Students will be required to read three books during the year.

  • Students will complete assigned homework sheets for reflection and processing.

  • Students will participate in at least two local service/outreach opportunities


Registration for the 2019-20 session has ended. Check back in June 2020 to see what’s new!