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Living in community is a core value of ElevateHER, and because of the intimacy of this setting, we will agree to the following guidelines: 1. I will purpose towards growing in intimacy with the Lord. 2. I will regularly pray for the other members, the staff, and the presenters. 3. I will create a safe place for each person to share, and will listen carefully to each member in order to hear what she is trying to communicate. I will respect the value of each member and will recognize the importance of the time allotted for each to participate. 4. I will maintain strict confidentiality of all personal information that is shared during our sessions. 5. I will encourage the others through my words and actions. 6. I will be open to how the Holy Spirit may work through my sisters. 7. I will come prepared and ready to participate. 8. I will be honorable with my financial obligations. 9. I will attend faithfully and punctually. If I am unable to attend or am running late, I will contact my Coach. 10. I will come expecting to encounter the joy, presence, and power of the Lord at each gathering.
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List a work or ministry reference.
I declare that the information provided by me in this application is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Arise! Women to verify any and all information.
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